I completed two tests yesterday.

1. Non optimised city driving. 1990km using 22L of fuel = 1.1L per 100km. This was several weeks of driving from the northern beaches to the city but unlike last time many of the trips were return without charging in the city.

2. Petrol only 207km drive using the battery saver mode. This was a 50/50 split of urban and highway driving. It used 14L of fuel = 6.8L per 100km. The drive was normal mode (not Eco) and conditions were hostile with full air-conditioning and the vehicle reporting on road temperature of between 33C – 38C likely to impact battery efficiency.

I have posted pics of the bowser and speedo as well as reported fuel economy for the second test. Interesting to note post dieselgate that the reported economy is off, but not by much. It’s also possible the fuel top up was affected by temperature with volatile liquid expanding in heat.